Reiki Release 
      Energy healing that restores 
       to the mind, body & spirit

Welcome to the Reiki Release website, I hope that the information provided here answers some of the questions that you may have about Reiki healing.

Welcome to the Reiki Release website.

The Reiki information provided here is intended only as a brief outline describing what Reiki is and how it is provided at Reiki Release.  The hope that this information will help you decide if you would like to experience a session with Lisa at Reiki Release, or that you may  be interested to find a Reiki Master Teacher in your area so that you can learn to channel this wonderful healing energy for yourself and others.
Reiki Room
What is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese form of energy healing sometimes referred to as palm healing.  Rei  loosely interpreted means 'universal' and Ki is loosely interpreted to mean 'energy', this means that the energy being discussed is found in everything and is everywhere. 

Reiki was developed by  Dr. Mikao Usui Sensei a Japanese monk in 1922.  By the late 1930's Reiki healing was brought to the West by Hawayo Takata Sensei who like the Reiki Masters before her was attuned/initiated to this natural healing technique.   Reiki is a great way to restore balance to our physical, mental and spiritual selves.   Reiki does not discriminate on the basis of religious beliefs, economic status, gender, or where you live, it is an healing modality for all living energy filled organisms.
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